Thursday, February 11, 2010

LoL ~ My blogger come back to normal again

haha.. my blogger for some reason can't be open because
i tried to change my blogger layout..
who know it become worst and can't be opened..
but today when i open my blogger i can open it already..
hehe.. so i can update again ar.. lolx.. ^_~

Sunday, February 7, 2010


who is cleaner..
cleaner is kind job what..
well, actually i just want to share
about my duty just night..
who can stand when see the sink with
glass, spoon, fork, cup, plate inside the
sink unwashed..
sometime i fed up with my house mate..
just know use the dishes but don't know
how to clean it after ate..
sigh ~

it's still okay right if they did not clean it..
but how about if the dishes being kept at the sink
for a weeks.. with the smells.. and gosh.. got also
lipas (cockroach) that already R.I.P inside..

if i did not clean it.. who else want.. damn it..
so i go clean the sink... after that i go clean the
toilet.. then wash my cloth.. see now all fresh
and clean.. but how long.. later you back then
don't wash your dishes again.. geez, use mine mug also..
and did not wash back.. sien.. kill, cekik (coke) you all..

this is another epic fail..
how on earth on my house who ate did not know how to throw his
food parcels to the dustbin outside..
and how you feeling when you are eating there is ulat sampah (rubbish worm)
walking in front of you on the table..
how about that??
LOL ~ ownage

lucky i did not at home that time..
and syam already throw it outside,..
i already tired when back from the crazy day..
and need to see this things..
damn my housemate..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Journey or Trouble our Self -.-

lols, i did not know why i agreed with my friend's crazy ideas..
din plan to go midvalley with her girlfriend.. he ask me to accompany
him to go there.. as time goes by, we are going there without my other
friends notice.. at the 8:00 am we already leave our rent house and
find any taxi.. we are lucky because some van come to us and bring us to Port Dickson
city with rm2:00 charges only.. lols.. so, after reach at PD city, we take bus to
Seremban.. After that, from Seremban we take KTM to the Midvalley.. When we reach at Midvalley there is many shows from Chinese people.. dance, song, and etc.. i like to watch their performance.. I did buy some lucky stone like jed.. lols, wasting my money to make a necklace.. after that, din already with her girlfriend.. then, we go buy Avatar 3d movies ticket.. and what the craziest here is we buy it for midnight showing.. 12:30 am.. just imagine how we spend our time to wait until 12:30 am.. =.="
many place i walking to and from Mid to Garden.. don't know where else to go.. My legs already can't stand anymore.. Then, i going to walk alone and let din with his girlfriend walking together.. and i call e-bal with salleh accompany me for time being.. at least i got a member.. how sad.. lols.. at 8:30 pm salleh and eball already want to go back home.. i though they come to mid with car.. who know they take bus.. then i unit back with din and his girlfriends.. we walking and walking untill 10:00 pm and we stop at bowling centre.. we wait untill 12:00 am and we buy some drinks at Mcdonalds and buy pop corn before watch movies.. i was too tired and misses some part in the movies.. =S but watching avatar in 3d was really awesome.. i like it.. lols.. okay finish about watching movies.. now already 3:00 am and we don't know where to go.. Dang!! all shops already closed.. We have no choice,,. So we sleep inside the midvalley.. lols.. i can't slept well.. untill 6:00 am we decided to go to Komuter.. but when we reached at the Mid entrance from inside it will be open at 8:00 am.. OMG!!! how is now.. need to wait untill 8:00 am??? -.-" then we find another way to get outside.. luckily we found this kind security he show us the way out from the midvalley.. lols, finally we can get home.. after accompany din girlfriend's to KL Centre we head back to Seremban by Komuter.. Wah! so cold.. and i sleep from the beginning untill Seremban.. >.> Then we take bus to Port Dickson and take bus From Port Dickson to Polytechnic.. Waaa!! damn tired.. T_T it will be the craziest things i had done..

Friday, February 5, 2010


it's been a long time before the last time i swimming..
last night i going to swimming pool at laguna..
after maghrib prayer, we we are heading to our friends house
not far from our house.. they are staying at laguna hotel..
so we are going to swimming at the swimming pool..
it was really fun..
as i jump into the pool, it was very warm..
i can't swimming..
i did try to learn it..
i can only swimming for a few seconds..
but it feels calm and comfortable..
with all my friends compete not to breathing inside the pool..
and compete swimming..
i can't swim so i just watch them..
after 1 hours++ inside the pool i'm going to my friend's house..
i decide to stay at their house..
but i already promise with my group to make a study group
at David house.. so at 10 i going to David house and doing
our works together...

untill 1am..

i just realize this semester many tasks need to do in groups..