Tuesday, May 11, 2010


today we (my housemate + adan housemate) going to Seremban 2 to watch IP MAN..
That was a nice movie.. I really like it.. Compare to Iron Man 2, IP MAN is EPIC WIN..
It's all about KUNG-FU.. haha, i like kung fu.. =3
Firstly, when we reach at Jusco Seremban 2, we are heading to MCDONALD to dinner..
Well, for me SPICY CHICKEN MCDELUXE is my first choice everytime i go eating at MCDONALD. Then, we are going to cinema as we plan.. To watch IP MAN.. After watching movies, than we are going to play bowling.. There is 4 of us from 9 people..
Another go karaoke.. Some just watching us play bowling.. 1 round+stocking+shoes = RM 9 each person.. My bad, i got the last place.. lols.. If i'm right we are going back home at 12:00 midnight..
Then going to POLY MALL to eat once again.. Bleh, i wasting money again.. >_<

that's for now.. sleepy already.. /ho

Monday, May 10, 2010

9 MAY 2010 - Mother's Day

I just want to share about the day we are giving our mum surprise..
Actually we already plan to give our mum surprise on saturday..
so we already buy cake.. pandan flavor..
and for present we are buying frame and put her pitcure inside the frame..
so we had wrote a card and put it together with the present..
What is the most good things is when our mum did not expect that we are
gonna do a surprise celebration.. Because at the morning we only wishes, hug and
kiss only.. So, she did not expect anything.. Just looking at her smile already make
us happy.. We already keep all the stuff at the cousin house.. After lunch, we
had plan with our cousin.. Our cousin give our mum a call and invite to come at their
house.. My mum did know about the celebration but did not know that the celebration
is included her.. =P
So everything is smooth and clear..
And untill she reveal it.. She was so happy.. And said so smart ah you guy.. Make it untill
i did not expect all this..
We are smiling..
And give her that present..
She was so happy when saw the pitcure..
She said when did you candid this pitcure..
That was really great to make a surprise celebration to our lovely people..
lols, I LOVE YOU MUM!!! ^_^